Preconstruction and Development

Project Delivery

Adam Building Company will develop the complete project delivery approach, prepare front-end contract documents and establish a risk management system in conjunction with owner’s insurance broker.

Schedule Update and Tracking

During the planning phase, it is important to establish a realistic schedule that is consistent with the owner’s goals. The original schedule should then be followed closely as possible. Adam Building Company will identify and assign scheduling responsibilities to all parties including the owner, the owner’s representative (Adam), the architect, approving agencies, contractors and others involved in the project delivery. Progress will be monitored and documented and proper reporting distributed.

Team Meetings

Adam Building Company will format and participate in monthly meetings of the project, team, including the owner and the architect, to provide a formal forum for exchanging information and keeping each other abreast of progress, issues, potential problems, and the like. The minutes of these meetings are recorded and prepared for distribution by the architect to all parties involved.

Design Document Reviews

At each stage of design, Adam Building Company will review the architect’s design documents for cost effectiveness and constructability. Relevant and appropriate comments will be shared at the monthly (or as required) project team meetings for team evaluation and construction.

Design Phase Change Process

Throughout the design period, Adam Building Company will maintain a history of programmatic changes, including costs and resulting scheduling implications made and approved by the owner.

Monthly Reporting

Adam Building Company will provide the owner with a monthly report throughout the design and construction phases that accurately summarizes all elements of the project relating to costs, schedule, delays, open issues, expenditures to date, potential problems and their possible solutions, and a photographic history of the project construction.

Project Payment Schedule

As the design details of the project become available, Adam Building Company will prepare a schedule of project payments for the owner’s review. This schedule will project monthly expenses that the owner can anticipate throughout the life of the project.