General Contracting

Subcontractor Procurement

To ensure competitive bidding by the most qualified subcontractors, Adam Building Company follows a highly developed pre-qualification process that includes procuring and reviewing pre-qualification statements of financial status, experience, references, bondability, safety history, quality control protocols, and current workload.

Adam Building Company develops a preliminary list of subcontractors for every trade, consisting of those with whom we have worked successfully before. Bid packages for each trade will be developed and presented to the project team for review and approval. A minimum of three (3) invitations to bid per discipline will be extended to our list of pre-qualified subcontractors.

Incoming subcontractor bids will be summarized, and the apparent low bidder in each trace will be invited to a detailed scope review meeting with the project team. Subcontracts will be awarded with the approval of the project team.

Adam Building Company’s subcontractors partner with the project team from the initiation of the project to its completion. A principal of Adam Building Company and a project manager will oversee the activities and responsibilities of each trade with continuous monitoring, scheduling, inspections, and management of any modifications to ensure the construction of a high-quality structure, on time and on budget.

Value Engineering

A concept developed during World War II to reduce cost without sacrificing quality, is defined as “an analysis of the functions of a program, project, system, product, item of equipment, building, facility, service, or supply of an executive agency, performed by qualified agency or contractor personnel, directed at improving performance, reliability, quality, safety, and life cycle costs.” Adam Building Company’s estimating team will identify potential cost savings that will meet the functional requirements of the structure at the minimum cost and highest quality. We encourage our subcontractors to propose contract modifications that will reduce cost without reducing product or process performance.

Our understanding and practical application of value engineering, combined with daily practical experience, will provide significant benefit through the life cycle of the building. All the cost saving suggestions will be reviewed with the owner and the architect to determine the best, which will be incorporated in the design.


Budgeting begins immediately when Adam Building Company is selected for your job. We work closely with the project team to develop complete, accurate budgets based on the project scope. A preliminary review of the estimates to date will identify all anticipated costs. A budget validation process will ascertain and enable initiation of potential cost-saving elements.